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Introduction In this paper, I describe my ideal job as an expert registered nurse in palliative care. Also, I examine my strengths and limitations in relation to a particular job posting (e.g., registered nurse in VHA Home Health Care palliative care) (refer to Appendix). Lastly, the paper discusses various marketing strategies that may help me reach my career goal.
Career Vision My perfect job would be to work in a reputable community health care facility where I am able to utilize and enhance my knowledge and skills in palliative/hospice care. Ideally, I would work at VHA Home Health Care providing care for clients and families affected by a terminal illness. My clients and colleagues would describe me as a kind, respectful, responsible, and compassionate individual. Every day when I leave work, I would feel a sense of satisfaction and happiness as I am able to instill hope/happiness and
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Next, I would acquire the Hospice Palliative Care certificate by applying and taking the examination offered by the CNA (“CNA Certification Program,” n.d.). In addition, I would enroll myself in the Enhanced Fundamentals course prior to participating in the CAPCE Program since the course is a pre-requisite for CAPCE (“CAPCE Program,” n.d.). As for my last gap, I plan to gain the 2 year experience in hospice/palliative care in a different health care facility, preferably in a community setting (e.g., Palliative/hospice care through Community Living Toronto). By doing so, not only will I meet the requirements, but I can improve my practice by strengthening non-verbal communication skills, and gaining specific pain assessment and management skills catered to clients with a terminal illness. For instance, I will be able to recognize and assess non-verbal cues of pain (e.g., grimacing and groaning) and emotional distress (e.g., anxiety and agitation) and take corrective
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