My Ideal Life Partner Essay

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I am a simple girl of an Indian ethnicity, so I am brown skinned. I am short in height. I wear a dark-purple coloured spectacles. My face is oval-shaped and I have a medium length black wavy hair. As we all know, everyone would have a dream or at least an imagination on how his or her life partner should be, so do I. I know nobody is perfect but it is not wrong to have a dream on how ideal my life partner should be. First and foremost, let me describe slightly about my ideal life partner`s appearance. Beauty does not catches the heart but the personality does. I am a person who gave much importance on personality. Yeah! I prefer a man with class than a swagger boy. I love smart looking guy. I would love it, if my partner have a spiky hair with an adorable eyes and also with beard. Not the type of guys who have beard which fully covers the whole face, however, the type of guy who is fully shaved, have no moustache but he should have a beard down the chin a bit and below the lower lips accompanied by a charming smile. Ah! See how attractive he will be! And physically he should also have a slim waist, broad shoulder which…show more content…
As everyone, I am also expecting my life partner to be honest, loyal and fully committed to me only. I am a type of girl who will be honest, loyal and fully committed to only one guy. Yeah, I do sound old-fashioned but we do exist. No matter how many obstacles we face and how hard our relationship becomes, once we are committed I want both of us to be there for each other through thick and thin. Cheating is a choice, however trust and loyalty are an important qualities that makes a relationship happy and lasts for long term. When we both be honest in every single thing that we do and there should not be any secrets between us. It might affect our relationship in the
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