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Topic: Why you wish to become an English teacher (or why and how you wish to develop further as a teacher) and how you consider yourself to be personally suited to teaching English as a foreign language. There are so many professions in the world what help our life to be more vivid and interesting. But doesn’t matter who you are, you can be a doctor or an architect, a driver or successful politician, you started your way in a school. First person who helped you for your socialization and growing up as an individuality was a teacher. And of course the school and the teacher have a great role for your future. The school is a very important part of our life. We get a lot of knowledge and skills needed for future life there. In the school…show more content…
I know that English is a global communication language. Our time it is very popular worldwide. And today our modern world is opened for those who can effectively use the knowledge of the language. If you know English you can travel all over the world and be comfortable in. And that’s why in modern society teaching English is a privilege I would like to be proud of. Another reason why I want to be an English teacher is very easy. I love to teach and love children. They are our future and it would be great pleasure for me to share my knowledge and guide them to the bright future. I want to be a teacher with whom students will not use their phones at the lesson not because they can’t or shouldn’t do it, but because they forget it and lesson will be more interesting for them. I enjoy spend time teaching so much. I feel some kind of recharging during communication with my students. They have a lot of energy they share and you give your knowledge instead. It is productive communication you involved in. Specially, during my school practice I was very proud to become a teacher even for couple months. Another reason for me doesn’t belong to the subject. I have a small daughter and she is five years old. She is very smart and knows two languages. Her third language is English. I really need to teach her English creative and interesting way. One of the main reasons I want to become an

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