My Ideal Teacher

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Topic: Why you wish to become an English teacher (or why and how you wish to develop further as a teacher) and how you consider yourself to be personally suited to teaching English as a foreign language. There are so many professions in the world what help our life to be more vivid and interesting. But doesn’t matter who you are, you can be a doctor or an architect, a driver or successful politician, you started your way in a school. First person who helped you for your socialization and growing up as an individuality was a teacher. And of course the school and the teacher have a great role for your future. The school is a very important part of our life. We get a lot of knowledge and skills needed for future life there. In the school we start to communicate with our friends and actually enter the society. Most important person for the students in the school is a teacher. As I think students shouldn’t only get knowledge from the teacher but learn the information interesting way. The teacher should be a friend to the students and create nice atmosphere where all class will feel comfortable. An ideal teacher for me knows how to plan the lesson creative way. And of course teacher should be sure that all the students are involved to the process of studying and they really are interested. They shouldn’t just show their reading or listening skills, but communicate with the teacher. All my childhood I dreamed to become a teacher. I loved my school so much and ran to
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