My Identity's Impact On My Personal Identity

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Identity is a socially constructed concept. We learn about our own respective identity and the identity of others through interactions with family, peers, organisations, institutions, the media and through other connections we make in everyday life. Identity is the beliefs, qualities, personality, appearance and culture that make a person who they are. Identity relates to self image, self esteem and individuality. Personal identity evolves over the course of our lives and may involve aspects of our lives that we have no control over such as where you grew up, the colour of your skin, as well as the choices you make, like where you choose to spend your time and your beliefs. I believe that my environment has hugely impacted on my personal identity, however, I have mostly shaped my own identity by striving to be the finest version of myself that I can be. Surface culture / deep culture The cultural iceberg analogy helps us to understand that some aspects of our identity, such as gestures, physical appearance, style of attire and facial expressions are on the exterior and consequently seen straight away when we meet a person, however a lot of a person’s identity lies beneath the surface and these are usually some of the most important aspects of our culture and identity such as personality traits, beliefs, values and our nature of friendships. This analogy has helped me to further realise that it is essential to not judge someone by what is on the surface of their iceberg as
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