My Immigrant Father

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Being an immigrant is hard, and being the child of the immigrants bring its own problem.

My father was once a soldier who served his country and always be there when the country needs him. He was an elegant eagle that has a heavier beak ripping the flesh of others bird, strong, muscular legs and power talons. He brought his pride home for the entire family. Everyone was respected him and would never against him. Nevertheless, he was pushed to the end of the deepest cliff and would never be able to fly to the top again. Then without the wings, he chose to hide and flee away from his world where he used to live and love.

He was forced to leave his country and left everything behind, due to his right leg serious injured because of the war.
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He loved me so much that he set boundaries around me which I never understand why this is beneficial for me in the future. However, he never has to worry about my scores at school. He thought his children's high score of tests at school for subjects was all because of him. The way he worked to save money for us to go to school, outside schools, actives for sports and family financial. He knew that everyone in the house had to depend on him all the time, then he would make everyone in the house to listen and obey to his words. For instead, he decided to give his children a future which they never think of it. He did not ask or explain the reasons why everything that he did for us are reasonable.

Until one day, things got more tension and became an unexpected day for me.

"Dad!," I gulped "I have something very important to tell you!" "Is there anything wrong?" he asked.

" is wrong," I muttered. My heart was beating crazily like it has never been beating before.

"I wanted to tell you that I will not go to university to continue to get the certificate of a doctor, scientist or engineering,... as you always want your children to be one of them. I cannot be one of those people and I will never be one." I talked slowly. I did not see my father's face yet. I was scared.

"Instead of these jobs, I have something that I love to do it. You might know that I wanted to be an
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