My Independence Day

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In blistering Texas, it was America 's Independence Day. As usual on every Independence Day since I was five years old, Ben and Alex, my two best friends, and I, went on a manly picnic. I diligently carried out my household chores, packed my picnic bag and off I went to collect my friends by way of bicycle. It is going to be an awesome day, I thought to myself as I sped down my neighborhood street on my beat-up blue Schwinn. Ben and I were born on the same day May 21, 2003. His father and my father were best friends from their days at King James High School. Their story is much like an old-fashioned novel or film about two lifelong best friends. They both went to Texas A&m and both got married the same year. Intriguingly, they had their firstborns in the same year as well. As fate would have it, Ben and I became close friends. I did not have a sibling, and Ben became a sort of twin brother to me. We saw each other almost daily, involving ourselves in our selfsame talent: soccer. We both enjoyed defending against oncoming strikers - standing against the opposition with a tough tooth. Besides these similarities, Ben had a large heart and would go out of his way to help me in situations that called for aid. Most years, we held our Independence Day picnic by the Sequin River 's calm sound and sight. It was three quarters of a mile west of my apartment. As the three of us rode noisily past plain suburban houses on our bicycles, mostly due to the rickety nature of our
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