My Influences On Personal Identity

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I am who I am but who exactly is that? I know who I am through identity. Identity shapes how I act, the choices I make, and how I think. Identity is developed through many influences, some that I can control and I cannot.
One of my first influences is my moral values. One of my morals, a person 's standards of behavior or beliefs concerning what is and is not acceptable for them to do, is to be responsible for my actions. I act kind and polite when I interact with others. When others depend on me, I am trustworthy and loyal. “Thank you’s” are always given after receiving anything, including physical objects and education. For example, after every class, I thank the instructor for their time and effort. Others are impressed by that, so I take responsibility for my action. It also works when I have done something wrong. When I have done something incorrect, I apologize for my action and promise to not do it again. If I do not want to be responsible for irresponsible actions, I will act better in the first place. Responsibility is very important, whether it be for something right or wrong.
Another trait that influences how I choose my actions is my parents. I do not want to disappoint them, so I choose my actions carefully. For example, my parents work with my peer’s parents. I do not want my parents to be thought less of because
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As a girl, I avoid making decisions that would put me in a dangerous situation. I also learned from society that as a girl, I can’t play certain football or hockey (cannot watch them either), I cannot lift heavy things, I have to dress accordingly, I have to love cooking and cleaning, I have to be a housewife when I grow up, I am expected to not go to college, I get paid less, and overall have to act feminine. Girls in other countries are not allowed to have the same privileges as men. It changes me because I have to change myself and my passions because of my
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