Informative Essay On How To Prepare For A Class

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What I did to prepare for my informative speech was I would go through my speech in my head or just think about what I was going to say. Other things I did to prepare was I did all the required things like the outline and power point, I also did things like making note cards so when I went up there I knew what I wanted or needed to say. I felt a little nervous at first when I went up in front of the class, but as I started my nerves calmed down and then it became easy to just talk to everyone. I started to relax more and I didn’t worry about what I said as much and then I started to rely more on what I knew and I didn’t need my note cards as much. After I was done with my speech, I feel relieved because I felt like the wait to present was…show more content…
This experience was different than my shield speech because of the topic for me it is really easy to talk about the Cowboys but harder to talk about my life so I felt more comfortable up in front of the class sharing information about "America's Team" than I did talking about my life and what is important to me. Something I am going to do next time differently is practice my intro and conclusion so when it comes to speech time I don’t have to look at my note cards and I will be able to just casually talk to the class like I try to do throughout the rest of my speech which sometimes works, but other times it doesn’t. Sometime I might need to share an informed speech is when I am trying to teach someone how to do something because I will have to explain to them why they have to do it and how to do it so it would be kind of like and informative speech. Another time is when I would have to explain to someone what I did because then I would want good detail, but not too much to bore
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