My Interest In Architecture

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I grew up with the interest of arts. Thanks to my grandma for motivating me to do what I like. Those tools which are integral for my early part of life, pencil, eraser and sharpener, made me to express my art ideas which I had in my mind. Is that the reason I was interested in architecture? Moving from India to United Arab Emirates for my schooling made me to experience the innumerable kind of spaces. The dynamism and the vigor in the design made me to feel the diversity of spaces over the years I have been through. This triggered my interest in architecture and I knew that architecture would be part of my life. As my sister was preparing for National Aptitude test for architecture, the study was more of my interest. To be frank, I was an average student in school but I was one of the top scorer in the National Aptitude Test for Architecture exam, thus giving me an enhancement to learn more about a subject which I like and thrive upon and making me design spaces which creates experience to the users and learn more about architecture. I designed a house with an office room in my first year of my college and i made a model of lobby of the office. a feature where the upper part of facade had a trellis which had art deco pattern on it. As the light penetrated the trellis to reach the curved facade and the ground. To see that in the model in three dimensional made me to explore the concept of light and shade and reconnoiter various facets to make a place experience-able.
The way
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