My Interest In Becoming A Nurse

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I have had many life experiences that have influenced my interest in becoming a nurse. My father is a family physician in the semi-rural area where I grew up. As I became old enough to participate, I had chances to assist my dad in minor procedures and clerical office management. I have also assisted my father outside of the office in helping to stitch up siblings and other family members after minor accidents occurred. I knew early on that one of my desires and strengths would be to challenge myself mentally while being able to empathize with others and provide a valuable service to them. While assisting my dad, I had the opportunity to engage all types of different people. I enjoyed learning about their physical and emotional strengths as well as helping them work through their struggles in both sickness and health. These life experiences further developed my interest in nursing, spurring me to pursue a challenging yet rewarding career…show more content…
I have always had an extremely curious mind, with a particular interest in biological principles and how things work from a biological standpoint. Being a curious person inspires me want to learn more about medical subjects. As the knowledge in the nursing field constantly changes and progresses, there will always be more to learn, which excites me. It would be extremely difficult to work in the nursing field without compassion and empathy. It is incredibly important to establish an empathetic and compassionate connection with patients within any healthcare setting. Being able to put myself in the shoes of my patients and emphasize with how nervous or scared they may be feeling is crucial to providing excellent care. Being kind and cheerful helps to ease the worries of an already stressed and vulnerable person. Empathizing with patients and showing compassion will impact the lives of both fellow nurses and patients for the
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