Personal Narrative: My Interest In Football

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1.I am interested in football and i played both offense and defense. I am interested in playing football and i loved to play football.
2.The positions that i played were linebacker on defense and defensive end on offense. The spot i was good at is linebacker and defensive end.
3.My favorite food i would say is pizza and alfredo chicken with noodles.Its really good!!!! My favorite thing to eat is pizza and alfredo chicken with noodles.
4.Im the youngest out of four I have one sister and two brothers I have one older sister and three older brothers its hard..
5.One of my brothers i dont talk to much. One of my older brothers i dont get to talk to much. dad playes the drums and so do i he teaches me everyting he knows and it
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The only thing that bothers me when i am sleding is that it is cold and i do not like being cold. 14 years old i also love to watch football and watch basket ball. what i like to watch on tv when i do watch tv is football but i love playing it to but basket ball is someting i like to watch but i do not play very well.
15.I do not like reading it is one of my worst subjects but i can read. I can read well but i choose not to because there are better things to do then read a book that is not or barely true.
16.I like baseball but i cant really play that good so i dont play that sport. Another sport that gets my attention i baseball i like it and would like to play but i am not very good .
17.The only time i really watch tv is right before i go to bed because i am not much of a tv watching person. I do not watch tv a whole lot but when i do it is right before i go to bed or something.
18.I like to freestyle with my friend justin and he is good. freestyling is also another intrest that me and my friends like to do when we are bored and we get better
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