Benefits Of Going To College Essay

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Going to College is a big decision but ultimately one that can make a huge, and helpful impact on your life. I am interested in going to college myself because when I was growing up it was always a known fact that I would go to college on day, there was never any question about it. My family always encouraged learning more and going on to a higher education, which is one reason that I want to go to college, because it is always what I have been taught, to further my education. Another reason that I want to go to college, and that was discussed in the readings was the fact that college will help out with opportunities later in life. Its even hard to get a job without a college education anymore, or at least a good paying job for that much. So,…show more content…
Not to mention, it also talks about how fast that information is moving, and how fast things are growing which can make it hard to make sure that the things you learn in college will help you in your future. For instance, if you learn something that becomes out dated in college, you will have to re-learn it by the time you get out of college. This can really cause problems for the future, and not to mention make people question the usefulness of college when what they are learning there is supposed to be useful, but in the end may not be helpful at all.
Overall, I am interested in going to college because it will help me build a path to my future, and hopefully lead me to success. However, even though I am sure that college is the right path for me, I am still worried about the transition and if I will be able to support myself, and learn everything that I need to in order to transition from a small town to a larger city. Also, after watching the video in this segment, it really opens your eyes to how fast that information is moving, and how even though you are going to college, things you learn could be out of
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