My Interest In Landscape Architecture

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Ever since I heard of landscape architecture and what landscape architects do, it has always been my only ambition because it incorporates my passions and hobbies into study and eventually a job. From a young age, I have always loved design, art, photography, nature and outdoor spaces all of which are points of interests and skills that landscape architects require. In my previous studies, related subjects to landscape architecture that I have studied and have had a keen interest in were IGCSE Art and Design as well as Geography (both of which I obtained the A* grade). I feel that these two subjects have been the starting point in helping me to decide that landscape architecture is the right pathway for me. I had never took art as seriously…show more content…
I enjoy ballet classes, gymnastics training as well as taking my two dogs on walks around the neighbourhood and the occasional hike. Apart from keeping me fit and healthy, I find that these activities help me to clear my mind and temporarily escape from academic stress near project deadlines or examinations. They also enable me to manage my time better and keep a balance between academic study and co-curricular activities as I manage to allocate my time efficiently between the two. Now that I am no longer in secondary school and I do not currently study art related subjects, I take a weekly folk art class which I enjoy very much and I feel exercises the imagination and creativity skills of which I think will be useful while pursuing landscape…show more content…
I envision myself making a positive impact on people’s lives by transforming spaces. I am extremely excited to be able to make a connection between the natural and human systems by understanding how the natural environment goes about and the ways in which humans interact with it. It is remarkable to think that I will be able to design and find or create solutions that will benefit people, wildlife and the environment. I think that what is absolutely appealing about the kind of job I will be doing after I complete my studies is that everyday will be interesting because no days on the job will be alike. I will be facing different challenges which will make the world more liveable while protecting the environment. One particular aspect of what landscape architects are able to do which fascinates me and urges me further to pursue this profession is that landscape architects are needed to tackle the obstacles of the future from issues such as sustainable infrastructure, landscape regeneration and preservation, healthy living and of course, climate change. Landscape architects work as the glue between the population, environment and built environment and wildlife and are safeguards of the

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