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My interest in applied sciences such as engineering finds its roots in my school days. Fundamental concepts of physics and mathematics always provided me with intellectual satisfaction. Study of such subjects expanded the horizons of my thinking. I was always intrigued by the way complex machinery is manufactured, assembled and put to work to form sophisticated systems such as cars, aircrafts and so on. This fueled my curiosity and inspired me to choose courses related to Mechanical Engineering discipline for undergraduate study. In college, my interest and imagination were strengthened by courses like Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics they being natural extensions of physics and also demanded a high…show more content…
I noticed that the courses focused primarily on theory without moving into serious application and research. Thinking that this would leave a gap between my thought process and ability to apply in related fields, I chose my final year project in the practical application of vehicle dynamics. The project was Wheel Chock Design Alternative and Size Reduction and was funded completely by Mahindra Navistar Automotive (part of the Mahindra Group, internationally reputed car manufacturers). This became a major project focusing on the transformation of theory into practice. My project advisor encouraged me to look at technical problems in multiple dimensions. He demonstrated and motivated me to improvise on basic knowledge and apply it to complex systems. I learned the value of judgment and realized how research and analysis can lead towards a solution. Working with an internationally reputed organization during my project gave me valuable insights into how a large organization operates and helped me learn nuances of professionalism and conducting myself in presence of executives and corporate meetings. This experience has also driven my career goal of becoming a successful engineering professional in the automotive…show more content…
Ltd provided me the perfect setting to put knowledge to practice. As an R&D Engineer I was responsible for contributing to design and development of Suspension and steering on current and New Generation Trucks. My passion for dealing with complexity and ambiguity led me to take keen interest in the research department. It also helped satisfy my quest for knowledge and gratification of being a contributor to innovation. My best experience so far has been my work as design engineer for “Steering and Suspension system” for heavy commercial vehicles. I transitioned seamlessly between multiple projects and enjoyed working with globally located, cross-functional teams with diverse work experiences. Impressed by my passion and performance they promoted me to assistant manager designation within 2 years. My work is from designing, manufacturing, testing then resolving the failure issues. Over 3 years I have completed projects which are related to vehicle dynamics of heavy commercial vehicle. I accomplished the major projects such as design of conventional spring/parabolic spring carrying 6 Ton, Bogie suspension for 25 Ton tipper/ 49 Tractor, Design of lift axle for 37 Ton Haulage. This allowed me to broaden the spectrum of my development by gaining exposure to international work culture, global research trends and diverse perspectives on technology. Most importantly it has taught me to appreciate the other’s

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