My Internship Journey

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On the flight to Bangalore, twenty thousand feet above the clouds which were ten thousand feet above ground, I was preparing myself mentally for the battle which was in front of me. I got a mail from Idea Cellular a month ago, called my Manager and H.R., asked about my project, just to portray myself as the most sincere intern they will ever come across. My Internship location was in Kochi but I decided to drop by at Bharath’s Place in Bangalore, not because I missed him and desperately wanted to meet him. It was more in a hope that I might get a chance to meet my EX, who stayed in Bangalore. For a year old Break-Up that was too much to ask for.
I texted her as soon as I landed at Bangalore Airport and to my surprise, she read my message but
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in the morning. I checked in the hotel and inquired about the places to visit in Kerala, unaware of the hectic schedule waiting for me. The receptionist handed me one brochure along with a breakfast buffet coupon and told me to have breakfast until she finishes all the required formalities. I ate like I have hungry for ages, came back at reception and asked for my room key. The receptionist handed me the key with a smile and I started walking towards the elevator. I was about to step in it when the foodie inside me forced my legs to move back to the…show more content…
Everybody at reception started to laugh, for the question I just asked.
“It’s free for you, Sir, You can eat as much as can.” My ears could not believe what they just heard and my tongue started to crave for more food. My stipend was way too less than what my friends were getting in other companies so I decided I’ll make it even in this 10 day stay I was getting in the hotel.

I went to bed as soon as I entered the room, changing into my favorite blue boxers and a T-Shirt, before crawling under the covers of my bed. I slept till 7 P.M. that day and ordered Mutton Biryani, Chicken Card with 2 Roti’s, French Fries, Chicken Burger and Milk shake with Ice-cream in the desert as soon as I woke up. I didn’t wanted to be late, the next day but It was difficult to wake up for the reason that I ate way too much. I kept an alarm for 6:35,6:45 and 7:00 A.M. and slept again on my cozy bed like an Arab
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