My Internship Experience

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Hallo, everyone. My summer Internship started at the Indira Gandhi Airport Terminal 3, New Delhi at 02.45 am on May 23, 2015. My flight to Munich, Germany was at 04.30 am and I was running inside the Airport, transferring my luggage to my parents because I had exceeded 10 kg (equivalent to Rs. 20,000). The checking counters were going to close at 03.15 am, so I had 30 min to remove some of my extra luggage. Somehow, I managed to reach the counter at 03.10 am with 3 kg extra, which they eventually allowed, collected my boarding pass and headed towards Gate 28A. I was traveling alone for the first time outside India to Germany, the land of beer and bread to Intern at Technical University of Munich. I reached Doha, Qatar (transient stop) at 08.30 am and realized that Indian population is everywhere. I could easily hear Hindi language ubiquitously spoken inside the Doha International Airport. Even the African guy at the International Transfer, smiled and said in a very pleasant way, “Namaste”. My next flight to Munich was at 11.00 am and I had to borrow a toothpaste from an Indian gentleman in the washroom because I had to brush my teeth because I wasn’t able to find my toothpaste in the pile of clothes I had stuffed inside my cabin bag at Terminal 3.
At 14.30 pm GMT, I reached the Flughafen München (Munich International Airport). It was drizzling outside, a bit windy, but overall it was pleasant. While I was walking inside the Airport to collect my luggage, I felt a hand on my
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