My Summer Internship

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Hallo, everyone. My summer Internship started at the Indira Gandhi Airport Terminal 3, New Delhi at 02.45 am on May 23, 2015. My flight to Munich, Germany was at 04.30 am and I was running inside the Airport, transferring my luggage to my parents because I had exceeded 10 kg (equivalent to Rs. 20,000). The checking counters were going to close at 03.15 am, so I had 30 min to remove some of my extra luggage. Somehow, I managed to reach the counter at 03.10 am with 3 kg extra, which they eventually allowed, collected my boarding pass and headed towards Gate 28A. I was traveling alone for the first time outside India to Germany, the land of beer and bread to Intern at Technical University of Munich. I reached Doha, Qatar (transient stop) at 08.30…show more content…
It was drizzling outside, a bit windy, but overall it was pleasant. While I was walking inside the Airport to collect my luggage, I felt a hand on my shoulder. He was a married German person, who was returning to Munich and he pointed his finger towards my handbag. To my surprise and thanks to mother gravity, because of the extra weight I stuffed inside my handbag, the chains were not able to handle so much pressure and it had popped up like a popcorn machine. In brief, my bag was torn even before I stepped outside the Airport. Somehow, I again managed my bag, crossed the Immigration office, collected my luggage, picked up my phone to transfer the Global calling card and found out that the sim which sim company gave me was a micro-sim, which would not fit in my cell phone. Trouble! I then used my India’s Vodafone number, (approximately Rs. 300 in balance) to call some students, who were also doing an Internship in Munich and came before me, to check where they were because I was shifting with them and surprisingly, I came to know that they had already left to Prague, Czech. They knew I was coming and I had told them to stay for the weekend, but they still went. Speak quite high about their intellect. So, I called up an Indian married guy, whom I had contacted from India and had asked if I could stay with him and his family for few days. Fortunately, he was at home and agreed to pick me up from his bahnof (metro station). So, with a broken handbag and 2 trolley bags I started my first journey in
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