Personal Narrative: My Personal Experiences During My Internship

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5.4 The difficulties
One of The difficulties that I have faced during my internship in the Embassy is that: in order to be diplomat, one must speak many kind of languages. But unfortunately I was not able to speak Chinese. So the challenges that I face most are:
➢ Languages
➢ Cultural barriers
People from some cultures have a very confrontational communication style. Their style of communication sounds a lot like arguing, they tend to be a bit loud and very quick to get to the point. Other cultures are very concerned about being polite, and may sometimes not get to the point very quickly. You will always feel cross cultural contact especially with non-English speaking country.
If neither of you know each other’s language and there is no
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This internship allowed me to gain insight into how I could apply my studies and skills in the workplace. As a soon to be graduate, I found it really interesting to learn about the various career ways that had brought people to their roles in the embassy. I now have a better understanding of embassy protocols and Chad-China relations. The internship was one of many formative experiences made possible through my degree.
These past few months have been a very interesting, excited and great learning experience. Apart from getting to know and appreciate the role and operation of the Embassy. I attribute that to the fact that I work closely with my colleagues in the Embassy, which has some of the most experienced and brightest officers. I, of course, also have the benefit of the leadership and guidance of my ambassador and embassy staff as well.
It is said that to be a good diplomat one must first and foremost be well experienced in domestic issues. On that front, my experience in the civil service as well as in the areas will I hope, serve me well during my internship at the embassy. After all, foreign relations and foreign policy must reflect national interests and to protect and promote Chad’s national
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I understand that theperson responsible to supervise the practical student is already busy with their work burden.However I believe that they can spend small portion of their time to plan more comprehensive,structured and organized training for the practical student. The supervisor in charge should listand arrange the training task which will be performed by the trainee. A personalrecommendation is that I would like to suggest to the department of International AffairsManagement (BIAM) is to find embassies or companies for the international students who are going to dotheir practical training as it is so difficult for them to find a company

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