Fairchild Semiconductor Internship Summary

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Internship Summary

Fairchild Semiconductor is a leading global supplier of power analog, power discrete, and optoelectronic components that optimize system power. Recognized as The Power Franchise, Fairchild Semiconductor offers the industry 's broadest portfolio of components for today 's leading electronic applications in the computing, communications, consumer, industrial, and automotive segments. During this summer, I had my internship at Fairchild Semiconductor. Although the time of the internship is short, I had learnt and practiced some useful skills on semiconductor marketing. My first job at Fairchild is to organize the Company’s products. Each product is placed in a box. In order to organize the products information,
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All of the field application engineers including some employers from Fairchild Company attended this meeting. The FAE is similar to QBR, all of the employees use presentations to present their products. All of the presentations also have the same templates. Each engineer firstly talked about their actions from the last quarter briefly. Then they talked about market analysis and determine the trends that are usually help to decide what features are included in new products. After that, they talked about their resource deployments on the products and gave previous quarter activity summaries. Then, they talked about their products that customers decided to use and products that customers already paid for. At last, they finished their presentations by discussed their current quarter action…show more content…
Our first client is the DaTang which is electricity company. We talked with the purchasing staffs there and got the company’s current profit status. Then, we discussed the some details of the products that DaTang need from Fairchild which include the products’ qualities, prices and the date that DaTang needs for the products. We also checked the status of products Fairchild already sold to DaTang and made sure those products have no issues. After we finished our discussion with DaTang’s purchasing staffs. In the afternoon, we went to our second client Suplet which is power supply company. In there, we talked with the product manager about products status that they bought from Fairchild. Then, we asked the manager about the products that they are currently developing and what products do they need from Fairchild to complete their development. After that, we discussed the prices of the products that they need from Fairchild and checked the other company’s current statues on profits. At last, we went to check with several Suplet engineers on the several aspects of the products that Fairchild sold to Suplet including their qualities and prices. We also asked the engineers about the some other companies products and their prices in order to make comparisons between Fairchild products and other

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