My Interview With Marcello Vargas

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INTRODUCTION I choose my friend, Marcello Vargas because he was born in Argentina, and struggled with gaining legal status for over 10 years. I have seen Marcello struggle over the years with missing opportunities due to not having a social security number. The Vargas family made the dangerous decision to leave their home during a political unrest in 2001 when Marcello was on 3 years old. I met with Marcello in Reading, Pennsylvania over my fall break, our interview took roughly one hour to complete. Marcello is currently a student at a charter High School located in downtown Reading, PA and he is hoping to graduate in the spring and go onto university. Marcello grew up in a two-parent household with his two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. The youngest Vargas child is a United States citizen; however, the rest of the family, Marcello included, is only in the United States on a visa. Marcello feels that he has had an average childhood; his father was able to find a job that paid enough to provide the necessities for the family. Before living in Reading, Marcello was born in Argentina. Marcello’s father was studying at a college in the United States when the…show more content…
While Marcello does not remember much about moving to America, he remembers the plane ride and saying goodbye to his family that remains in Argentina. Otherwise, Marcello would not consider himself to belong in any other minority groups and believes his ethnic identity is well respected within his local community. He has told me that he finds himself to be very lucky, not all of his family has assimilated so easily. When I asked Marcello how he has overcome the transition from moving to America. He told me that he believes that he is lucky to live in America and though he has missed meeting many relatives, he envisions a future where he can freely visit
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