My Jewish Vandalism In The Holocaust

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One morning at about 8:00 a.m. when I woke up I went outside and looked down the street and saw some of my neighbors houses destroyed. For example the windows had been bashed in, their would be holes in the front door like someone had kicked their foot in it, and it looked like someone ran their mailbox over with a car. I went back inside to tell my family what I saw so that they would know. After I had finished telling them they ran outside to see it for themselfs. My mother and father looked as if they were about to cry in sadness and anger at the same time. At that moment my father ran back inside and told us to get ready for a walk around town.

When my mother brother and me got ready we started to walk towards town and on the way there we saw more and more houses and buildings destroyed and vandalized. Every time I looked at my father on the way there I saw a very disappointed look on his face. When my family and I finally got to town all the Jewish-owned businesses on the street had been vandalized. My father told us all to spread out and try to find if anyone was stuck in the vandalism or destruction. My mother brother and I went and started looking in stores that were really destroyed. We didn’t find anyone stuck or hiding so we started to head back home.

We walked for about an hour looking around to see how many Jewish-owned businesses on our street had been vandalized. After we got home we found that our house had been vandalized. It was just like all the other
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