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Megan Mangia Mrs. Shinaberry CCC, Period 3 September 3, 2015 My Journey as a Writer My life as a writer began twelve years ago and ever since then, it has been a writing journey of ups and down. My first memory of writing was in Disney World. I always had thought journals and diaries were for special people and only certain people could have one. So when my parents bought me a diary in Disney, I could not have been happier. I brought it with me to every attraction we went to and wrote all about them. Yes, I was "that" child. And ever since then, I have had many ups and downs with writing but they only make me better as a writer. I tend to have the greatest accomplishments as a writer when I get to pick my topic and write about whatever I want. In my free time, I love spiritual journaling. I journal when times are rough or stressful, but more importantly when times are on a good note. I journal about things I am thankful for and write prayers to God. Sometimes I even journal song lyrics I like. My journals range from various topics but they are always my favorite pieces of writing. Another piece of writing I am very proud of, was my research paper from English 10. We were allowed to write about whatever topic we wanted, as long as it was appropriate of course! I chose a topic that I take very sincerely. Although abortion…show more content…
Yes, there are times I greatly dislike it, but there are also times I greatly enjoy it. My favorite form of writing is journaling. As mentioned before, I love when I get to pick my topic and write about whatever I want with no time limit. This year, I really would like to improve on being more creative and confident with my writing. So many times, I lose confidence over the littlest things, especially my writing. This year, I want to work on boosting my confidence level, and not be complacent. Being creative and confident with writing are two of the most important keys to being a successful

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