My Journey By Train Analysis

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The Train Journey of Bangladesh 's Education System

Remember the essay “My Journey by Train” that we read in our school days? Struggling to remember it? Then let me phrase some lines from that essay. “As the train starts to move, the houses start to fade away from my view. From the moving train, the trees looked like small match boxes.” It must seem remarkable to see how well this girl remembers the essay by heart; after all, she has memorized it so well that remembering the phrases parrot-fashion is nothing extraordinary. ‘I memorized an essay’, I know that sounds pathetic. But wait a second. Why do you think I memorized the essay anyway? Is it because our teacher instructed us to write the exact words so that it would be easier for her to check copies? Or, because I was a weak student and so, writing a whole essay expressing my thoughts is too much to expect from me (in fact, from the whole class)? Now that I am thinking about the whole scenario, I find it funny in a way because I had to write an essay on MY journey by train, whereas, the truth was I had not traveled by trains at that time. As such, I had no idea how the train station looked like or how the trees and houses looked from the moving train. Therefore, whether the trees actually looked like match boxes or not, that is completely a whole different argument. I am not writing this essay to complain that I was asked to write on a journey by train, whereas, I wanted to write on my first journey
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