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We all know each of us has unique life experiences as we are moving forward to a new stage of life we can connect all of them. I can explain better about my thought process and my experiences as coming to the united states from India. In order to share my journey experiences from the India to the United State. I think it is essential to introduce how and where my first journey start, for my brighter future. My parents want to send me into the United State. In order to me get into the United State, me and my parents have to do big sacrifices as living separation. So to the journey, first my parents have to send me into the India at the age of 7 and enroll me into Tibetan school of the His Holiness Dalai Lama’s mother build for the Tibetan children to…show more content…
They told me to start enroll into high school as 12th grade. I feel very fortunate and that night I can 't even sleep. They briefly told me about the school rules such as the school’s classes start at 8:30am. Yet, they didn’t told me how can I get there. My excitement wake me up around 6 am. I ask my uncle’s friend daughter who is attending at the Edina High School how can I get to the School. She told me that we need to take a bus. But I didn’t have any idea about the bus. I don’t know when the bus is coming. I ask her what time the bus is coming and where to wait for the bus. She told me the bus come around 8 am and wait out of your house. At that morning, I get out from my home around 7:45 am even though the bus come next to my house because I don’t want to be late for the first day of class. When I first enter the bus they all are new face. I look around slowly and decide where to seat. I look at their face but none of them’s expression was not welcoming me to seat next to them. When I reached at the middle of the bus I saw a Asian girl who is smiling to me. I felt relieved and seat next to her. After 15 minute we reached near the school
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