My Journey In A Career

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1. Describe yourself in 140 characters or less. I am a hardworking, adaptable and ambitious professional with strong problem solving skills. I have high levels of self-motivation and determination to excel in my job and have a successful career, as well as make the company I work for be more competitive. 2. Describe your story; Please include valuable lessons from the past that have helped you to rediscover yourself. a) I have learnt that there are no mistakes in life, just lessons. In both my personal life and my career life, I choose to focus on the lessons that my experiences teach me. By using my experiences as learning opportunities, I get better at what I do and make better decisions in future. In my career life, I once felt like I overstayed in the position of a customer experience executive; but looking back, I picked very valuable lessons from that position, such as time management skills, communication skills and people handling skills. b) Life is a journey. I have learnt to enjoy the journey of life as it’s more about the journey and less about the destination. It’s easy to only focus on the end goal of achieving my dreams and goals in life and forget to enjoy the experiences along the way. As I work towards my dream, I have purposed to enjoy my experiences and learn as much as possible in the other positions I will hold before I finally achieve my career goal. c) I have learnt to believe in myself. I am talented, capable and smart. For people to believe in
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