My Journey In My Life

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For months, the family van served as our frigid home in which my siblings and I rested our heads every night. Bundled in any coats, blankets, or socks we could find, in just 16 short years, I went from living on the floor of the family van to perfectly executing my routine on the floors of the 2012 Olympic Games. I’ve quickly learned that life isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. Throughout my childhood, I encountered several hardships and hurdles, however, with the support of my faith and family, I prevailed and won big at the 2012 Olympic Games.
My childhood was filled with hurdles that I had to overcome, but in the end, these barriers only made me stronger and more determined to accomplish my dreams. My parents, sisters, and brother served as my companions as I spent the early months of my life living on the floor of the family van (Douglas and Burford 16). My parents were constantly looking for jobs in hopes of providing a better life for their children (Douglas and Burford 18). My mother and father, struggling to raise five young children on their own, were presented with a new roadblock just before my first birthday (Douglas and Burford 19). I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease called Branched Chain Ketoaciduria (Douglas and Burford 19). However, because my parents didn’t have enough money for treatment, all they could do was turn to their faith (Douglas and Burford 19). Months later, my family’s prayers had been answered and it was
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