My Journey: My Dreams Of Being A Teacher

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Imagine this, you feel the well-worn leather sticking to your legs while your eyes jump from one friend to another. It’s the weekend, and there are probably a million other things that you could be doing, but it’s raining outside, and you secretly enjoy being in the chair. The chair that has seen you and your friends all take turns playing teacher and grading assignments over the past couple of years. Even though you spent hours at school, you enjoyed coming to your friend’s house-- especially when you were picked to sit in the chair. This person who secretly loved the chair would be me. Those weekends were what started my dreams of being a teacher, and throughout the years, experiences and courses reiterated that teaching is the career path I wanted to follow Fast forward many years, and my path led me to Winthrop. While at Winthrop I was required to take a course named HMXP. HMXP, also known as Human Experience, is where students will find academic engagement and intellectual challenge through their own written and oral responses to mature interdisciplinary readings. This course experience directly corresponds to Standard 2- Learning Environment- Element 3- the teacher candidate promotes positive social interaction and a sense of community in the learning environment. I can remember walking in the first day of class and all the desks were connected in a square which promoted positive interaction. Over the course of the class we were required to respond to discussions

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