My Journey Of Religion: My Religious Journey

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My Mythological Catholicism Journey
Melissa Fernandez
Eng. 121: English Composition 1
Professor William Johnson
January 24, 2018

Authors Note
Religion is such a fine thin line that a majority of people do not like to talk about it.
I want to share my journey with you and how I am able to say that, I am a Christian that practices Catholicism. I am a Roman Catholic. I must admit I am a little scared to talk about my beliefs because it is something that Catholics just do not do. We fear God. If we ever disrespect him or offend him, we as a church would suffer. It is also something that I have a hard time explaining. Religious journey naturally varies among many individual and none of them are alike. I hope you enjoy reading my personal journey that comes straight from my heart.

My Journey Begins
Being identified as a cradle catholic means that I grew up on the ritual of every Sunday going to church not really understanding what was going on. I was there and that is all that mattered. Being a praying saint means that I made all my sacraments at a young age. I was baptized in 1966 at 2 months of age, Him became my first true angel to watch over me. When I was 3 I went into this coma from a fall I had taken. My angels name became Petals. I had learned that you don’t mourn with petals. I am told that the name
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