My Kinsman Major Molineux The Birthmark

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Out of the four Nathaniel Hawthorne stories we’ve read The Birthmark is my personal favorite, while My Kinsman Major Molineux is my least favorite. Both stories are different allegories for subjects that Hawthorne cared about. The Birthmark criticized the desire for perfection in your own way instead of appreciating something for its flaws. This message is one that the world needs to understand, but never will because of other people’s opinions. My Kinsman Major Molineux criticized England’s rule over America during the revolution, something that has no real value outside of that time-period. It may reinforce the importance of the American revolution and the American dream, but it’s nothing new or interesting. There are many pieces of media out there that deal with this story’s message that’s its uninteresting. The Birthmark tells a story of a failed scientist’s, named Aylmer, pursuit for perfection by trying to change his wife, Georgiana into his image. He truly loves Georgiana, but he can’t bring himself to accept her because of a clandestine birthmark despite finding her beautiful. The fact that the Aylmer’s views were unaccepted by the rest of the world shows his views aren’t seen as correct. This is further strengthened by his incapability to find his wife beautiful because of a small birthmark…show more content…
As he travels through the town people dismiss or outright threaten him as he searches for Molineux, which symbolizes the uncertainty and dangers of finding your place. The townspeople represent America’s want of freedom from the dominating England, which is portrayed by Molineux. It ends with Molineux being tarred and feathered by the town and paraded around like a statue symbolizing America’s triumph over England. There isn’t much else to the story or the characters other than their meanings for the allegory, it’s very boring compared to The
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