My Lady Is Compared To A Rose Red Rose Analysis

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Love Is Strong
The poems, My Lady Is Compared to a Young Tree, by Vachel Lindsay, and A Red, Red Rose, by Robert Burns, both share a theme that express love as strong, true, and real. The Vachel Lindsay poem is very elegant to me because of the way he describes “his lady”, it is such a gorgeous and creative manner. For example, line 16 states,” A kiss from far-off Eden.” This is such a beautiful way of saying that “his lady” is very extraordinary in his eyes and creates a state of immense happiness within his soul. The Robert Burns poem is everlasting, it is the way he explains how his love is endless and no matter what will happen, he will still love them just as much. What brings these two poems together, is how great their love is for the other. In Lindsay’s poem, he expresses how he feels about his lady, how much she means to him , and what he sees when he thinks or looks at her. In Burns’s poem, he expresses how significant his love is. He shows this by talking about various catastrophes that involve time passing, and even while these catastrophes are going on, he still loves her. Both
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Lindsay does this by saying, “Soul so near to blossom,” and, “When I see a young tree, with white buds, and white leaves, barely tipped with green, then I see my lady.” Lindsay indicates this to represent her purity as though it is transforming into womanhood. Even when she grows into a woman, he will fancy her the same as before and be proud of her. Burns poem is very similar by using imagery/nature, but differs by using it to represent his feeling of love. He does this by saying, “Til a’ the seas gang dry , my dear, and the rocks melt wi’ the sun, I will love the still ,my dear, while the sands o’ life shall run.” Everything that he has said about nature represents time passing. Throughout all this time passing he will still see and love his lady the
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