My Lai Massacre Speech

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The sound of a weapon that snatches the life of an innocent person. The worry of a mother to knows that his son will not return home. The tears of the children when they saw how the soldiers killed other people mercilessly. It would be better if we decide to change the racial hatred for the compression, the luxuries for humility, the missiles for helping the people who live in poverty. All these terrible things we can prevent by means of a passive dialogue. Consecutively, one of the worst conflicts in the history of the United States was My Lai Massacre. The responsible for the spilling of innocent blood is from the soldiers called Charlie Company. My Lai was a Village with about 700 inhabitants in Vietnam. After this massacre was over, only…show more content…
Hugh Thompson was one of the biggest hero in the My Lai massacre when he tried to stop the massacre. For instance, when they arrived at the village of My Lai. Thompson saw how the people were running and trying to hide from soldiers. Suddenly, Thompson realized what they were doing was wrong of shooting children, women, and old people who posed no threat. As a result, Thomson decided to challenge the orders of his superiors and start doing what he thought was right. “Thompson and two other crewmembers landed their helicopter in front of U.S. troops firing on Vietnamese civilians in the village of My Lai. They pointed their guns at their fellow service members to prevent more killings and helped evacuate the villagers.” ( Notwithstanding, after this great heroic feat that Hugh Thompson did. He and Lawrence Colburn were taken to the martial court to testify their misbehavior by not following the orders of their superiors. Thompson testified that his teammates were not to blame for what happened in My Lai. The only culprit was Thompson for not following the orders of his superiors. “Thompson, on the other hand, was shunned for years by fellow soldiers. He received death threats and was once told by a congressman that he was the only American who should be punished over My Lai.”
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