My Last Day At School Essay

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My Last Day at School Or, A Farewell Ceremony I Have Attended Or, A Memorable Day in My Life Introduction: Our world is like a stage. We are merely its players. We enact many a drama of joy and sorrow continuously during our life time. One man in his time plays many a part. Let me quote the words of Shakespeare, “all the world’s a stage, and all the man and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances” my school life amounts to such a part of my dramatic life. Mystery of life: mysterious are the ways of god. Man’s creation on earth is all the more mysterious. The sheer reality of our life on earth is that one moment we laugh in joy and the next moment we burst in tears. Actually, our earthly life is just like a bubble. Many an event of joy and sorrow of our life lies stored up in the pages of our memory. But all of them are not equally important and worth memorizing to us. Most of them among them more than often peep through the window of our mind’s eye and give us either joy or sorrow. I have also a few finger-counted events of both joy and sorrow stored up in my memory which are worthy to be remembered. The memory of my last day at school or farewell day is one of them. It is still glittering vividly on my mind’s eye like the glittering…show more content…
Now my turn to leave the school came up. Our coaching classes were dissolved. A farewell ceremony was arranged for us. The date was fixed on the 10th February, 2012. it was my last day at school. The school auditorium was decorated nicely for occasion. We, the examinees, turned up in the school auditorium in time. We looked at each other very sadly and found everyone pain-stricken. My feelings on the day were blended with both of joy and sorrow. I felt sorrow because it was the end of my school life. I felt happy because I was going to cross over to a higher stage of life. A proverb also
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