My Last Meal Analysis

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To Allow a Meal or Not to Allow a Meal Prisoners in cells all around the world let alone, the United States have a pool of benefits of which they can obtain. Three meals day, a roof over their head, ability to play a sport, a job, a church, and even education is offered in these prisons. (I used ideas from this article but I didn’t full flesh use his information. Do I still need to quote this? See work cited for the website) Some benefits, such as inmate education have a clearly understandable purpose for existence. However, one that is strikingly bizarre is how a death row inmate is given the privilege of choice for their very last meal. As it can be argued, advocates believe that a last meal is a relaxation, yet I find this undeserved and…show more content…
I understand that the last meal gives the prisoner could be a type of reconciliation between the prisoner and the society that have gotten their revenge. The final meal perhaps gives the executor a better feeling of comfortability in his role. Perhaps this nice last meal even provides a means of self-reflection, the wishes for any meal they desire which might have been fulfilled if they hadn’t lived a life that led to crime. In a sense, I feel that I can guess why a process like this exists, several death-row inmates probably had a harsh or gritty lifestyle, and crimes aside, each person deserves some form of worry free kindness before their life is taken. It is also a possibility that these death-row inmates are held for large amounts of time, maybe even years before their death sentence progresses, some might argue they deserve something better than the stereotype prison chili before they’re taken away. Getting this personal choice completely of their will before the end, might just be a little piece of heaven before they’re brought to hell. Although, only the craziest and most violent people get these sentences, which makes me beg to question if the public owes death-row inmates any kindness or respect. The public are the ones paying for this kindness after all, even if only by a penny, even the families of the victims. I feel like maybe this money might be better spent towards the victims of these criminals as some kind of compensation instead, or maybe more states should follow suit of Texas and do away with the process to completely avoid the complications instead of spending thousands on tax payer dollars when everything is said and done. I can see the humanity and good hearted intention that was meant from this process, but at the same time I just cannot bring myself to ignoring the facts of the actual overall expense. (**I will rewrite this
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