My Last Year In High School

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It was the first day of senior year, which also meant the last time I will wake up after the summer break to High School. A million thoughts went racing through my head; what should I wear? What will my classes be like? Is there any one of my classmates that haven’t changed since I last saw them? All of these questions were going back and forth all morning long. After I finally relaxed and decided to get ready, I felt an overwhelming presence of nervousness wash over me. The thought finally struck me like a lightning bolt that I am a senior in high school. I didn’t know what I was going to do. This was it, my last year of being able to enjoy childhood before I went off and had to be an adult. I decided to take a deep breath and just thank God for helping me get this far in life and give this year to Him.
As I walked out of the front door, the nervous feelings went away and the next thing I knew was that my soul was full of excitement. I wasn’t worried about this being my last year, but instead I was ready, pumped, and excited for the journey ahead. I thought to myself that I am going to make this year; this last year of high school the best yet. I was giving it all to God and I was going to work as hard as I could in all of my classes, always make sure God was first in my life, make more time for family and friends, and do the best I can do at any challenges I face in this year. When I finally arrived at school and entered the building, the only thing I was feeling was…
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