Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience As A Leader

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Human evolution has shown that people prefer to live in a community rather than isolated; and in pursuance of survival and social progress, they embraced roles as leaders and followers. Those who were considered leaders made the way directing others and created strategies, while the followers completed assigned tasks, helping to create changes and bring the human evolution. In this essay I would like to describe in which way I have applied my leadership experience and the society beneficence somehow. Nowadays, leadership may be applied in different ways; it could be political, religious, business and social. In my personal experience, I applied it in the business area, since I have been working as a restaurant manager in New Zealand for approximately…show more content…
Although, occasionally you have to take complicated decisions in which you cannot involve the team and these might not string along with everyone. Anyhow, that is when you have to be objective and stand up for those ideals and watch over the general good, for this reason I consider being a leader as a mental and emotional challenge. One fundamental part of my management was emphasized the respect and communication between my team; likewise the continuous development of my staff, training them, to improve their knowledge. What I mean it is not a matter of exercising power over others, but of bringing up the power of each member of the group. Furthermore, being a restaurant manager in such a multicultural country proved myself and pushed my own boundaries since I had to direct and deal with people from other cultures and not in my native language. As a manager or leader of my team liked to hear their opinions and their feedback where I tried as much as possible to apply their advises. And at which point brought me closer to them, linking with a lot of people and even consider them

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