My Leadership Philosophy Paper: Me As A Leader

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In developing this paper on leadership, I examined what was most important to me as a leader. As I reflected on my leadership philosophy, I thought about my experiences and the principals that I have learned through my own self-discovery and the observation of other leaders that I have had throughout my life. My leadership philosophy paper will focus on what leadership is to me, core values, and knowledge of others. In thinking about my definition of leadership, I thought of what was most important to me in and as a leader. Leadership is can mean different things to different people. To me, leadership is more than having a title and subordinates. Leadership is having the courage to make the right choices, engage others in a vision, and empower your subordinates with a shared purpose and to achieve positive impacts. Leadership can also be relational which means it takes teamwork, requires you to be able to work with others in various backgrounds and that may have difference perspectives. Leadership also requires continuous learning, discerned decision making, and savvy communication skills. True leadership requires one to be able to understand, inspire, motivate, and communicate with others. Good …show more content…

But first, you should have clarity of your own identity and knowledge. Once you have your own foundation with being a leader, I think that as a leader you can transition and understand the behavior of others that may be on your team. When acknowledging others on the team, I think that it is important to identify strengths and weaknesses of others and the team. As you can see, I have outlined what I believe makes a great and effective leader. My philosophy paper will help guide my actions, behaviors, and thoughts. I feel that you can always change who you are as a leader and that your philosophy can change as you begin to grow and understand yourself

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