Personal Narrative: My Style Of Leadership

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It is not easy for me to find out that which type of leadership style has appealed to me in leadership. As it has mentioned in one article that “introverts are often reluctant to lead”( Connor and Spark), most of the time I do not have the desire to lead the group and it is not important for me to be a leader in group but when I am in a group it is important for me that what can I do for the group and I try to do my best to do my responsibility because in a group work my function will affect the other member of group as well so I don’t want to harm others because of my negligence. In my personal life it is important for me to do things on time and in best way but in group works I do my responsibility. To ask that which style of leadership…show more content…
As most of the time I am with myself so I want to come out of my comfort zone, do something different and meet others to know people and want to know that what people do and what they want because in my comfort zone I will never find out that what others think and what method they have in their leadership skills. And I want to know that how people make connections with others, how they make friendship or how they meet new people and make relation with them as I have problem with meeting new people and talking to them first. Most of the time I wait for people to come to me rather I go first and talk to them. These skills are important for leadership as these skills help you to know people and know how to work with people with different personality. The other thing that I want to improve is my communication skills and public skills that will not improve if I don’t have interactions with others and that’s why for the first step I choose to come out of my comfort zone and work in community such as…show more content…
In addition, working in library can help people to understand that what kind of book do you like and which people have the same tastes as you have. Working in library can have three benefits for people. First, you get experience and that help people to find job in future and the second benefits is the personal fulfillment that people can understand themselves better by seeing the people and meet a lot of book lovers and professionals. The third benefit is that, people will know others by the books they choose as in leadership it is important to know people, their interests, their abilities and so on. It can help us to find out that which students have the same taste as we have and it can give us good feeling when we see a person likes the book that we like, the author we always follow their works. And we find out that there are so many books that we have not read and you we to read them. The other good thing about library is that it is really quiet and we can enjoy being here, we can concentrate on work you do and at the same time can have interaction with

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