My Life As A House Film Analysis

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Movie Three
My Life as a House (Winkler Films, 2001)
This movie portrays the poignant and humorous journey of a man who decides to tear down his small cottage home in a prestigious neighborhood and build a large house that exceeds the size of all the other houses on the block. This causes much disharmony between himself, his neighbors and even the city council. In the process of rebuilding his house, George manages to also rebuild his relationship with his oppositional teenage son, his ex-wife, his neighbor and most importantly himself.

Points to Ponder

1. Describe and explain the relationship in terms of parenting styles and attachment theory between Sam and his father (George) and his mom (Robin).
2. Describe and explain the relationship between Sam and his stepfather (Peter) and his stepbrothers (Ryan and Adam).
3. What might have contributed to the gothic appearance of Sam in the beginning of the movie? What is this saying about his sense of self?
4. What might have contributed or led Sam to be involved in male prostitution?
5. What might have led Sam to help his father (George) to build the house?
6. When and what
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She is an only child being raised by her single mother. Sara and her mother have a very healthy parent-teenager bond. At the beginning of her senior year in high school, Sarah’s mother is killed in a car accident. Sara now is sent to live with her estranged father in the ghettos of inner-city Chicago to finish her senior year. She is the only white student in the school. She befriends a fellow classmate, Derrick, an intelligent young African – American who is bound for medical school and his insightful sister. Together they share their love of dance, and become strong support systems for each other. Sarah begins to enter Derrick’s culture without loosing her sense of self. Derrick encourages Sarah to audition for Julliard and fulfill her
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