My Life Autobiography

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This essay is about my life I will start with a formal introduction, I am Andrew Al C. Aquiro I was born in Pasig City and my birthdate is October 26, 2000. A little fun fact about my name according to my family I was named after my father’s favorite artist named “Andrew E.” he is a famous artist back in the day, at a young age ( 3 specifically) my mom said that I already know how to dress myself without their help, and also because of this my mom had me tutored before entering Junior Kinder, the school that I studied from Junior Kinder to Grade- 10 Junior High School, exempted me from Kinder Garten because apparently my tutor was from the School, so yeah I felt so smart when I knew about this and that is not much to brag so,
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Into my Junior High School experience, this is the time where I developed my leadership skills since I’m always appointed as a leader by my classmates and teachers, and also the one that I consider important is learning to take initiative, doing things even though nobody told you to do it, being the leader or the person who takes in charge to maintain order, I discovered that I like doing reports and presentations depending on the subject matter and also have widened my circle of friends. Unlike other Boys who were at my age that time, they like playing sports specifically basketball, I never developed the skill to be good on playing basketball, honestly since I was born I have no interest on playing sports, perhaps because I do not have an athletic body? Or because I was really interested on videogames as my past time back then? Eventually I knew that sports really aren’t for me and I moved on to focus on things I’m good
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