My Life Career: My Career As A Doctor

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One of my future goals and the most important one is to become a doctor. It is my life dream, and the only thing I am seeking for. Doctor is someone capable to save and help others life in ways that are not possible in other careers. Being a doctor for me is not just like any job, it is achieving a dream I have since I was 6 years old. One of the main reasons I picked this major is my family; my family members are almost all doctors, and my dad too. I have been growing up seeing my dad as a doctor, and he really loves his job, so automatically I got it from him. Many people pick this major to make money, but my dad always says, “This job is not for making money as much to help people and save their lives”. He taught me that people don’t have to pay to check their health, if they are not able to pay it is not a problem, you do your job as you should do and he always say if you care about money in this career, you won’t be successful at it. That is how I initially begun picking this major. Second, Another reason made me pick this major is that I feel inside of me that I can do something useful for humanity by this job, I have the feeling that I can probably add something to this career. I am always wishing to wear the white coat and be called by doctor, it is not just a dream, it is my life for me. I believe I have the ability to deal with patients and help them. Medicine has many branches and field, personally I love dealing with eyes and vision. I believe they are the
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