My Life Compared To Huck Fin's

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My life compared to Huck Fin’s is kind of the same. He wants to be free and I do to. He wants to be free and do everything he wants. I want to be free and do what I want but I have limits not like Huck. He doesn’t want to have manners and I do. When Miss Watson tries to teach him manners he gets mad and doesn’t listen to her. She wants him to be a good educated boy. I listen to my parents when they tell me to do things.
Huck runs away one day so he could be free. I don’t think I would run away because I couldn’t live by myself in an island. He had a smart brain to make it seem like the house got robbed and he got killed to run away and they wouldn’t go look for him. I wouldn’t be able to think of all that to do so they wouldn’t go look for me. Huck is brave enough to do that and to go live in the island were many things can happen to him.
Huck doesn’t get along with his dad very well I do. Huck is afraid of his dad
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I would try to do the same thing so they wouldn’t know it was me. When Huck found out that they were looking for Jim he ran back to the island to tell him so he could escape. I would do the same thing to help my friend escape. Now they have each other and are not out there by their selves.
Huck’s childhood was not that good. He grew up with no mom or dad. Well he did have his dad but he didn’t get along well with him. I grew up with both of my parents and my siblings with a good fun life. It is messed up to not grow up with your family. He lived with the widow and Miss Watson. He didn’t like living there because they wanted him to have manners.
Huck and his friends from town were in a gang and I’m not. They made the gang and they never did anything. They would say that they were going to do things and they didn’t. Tom believed everything that they said in the gang and Huck didn’t he saw things how they actually were. They made Tom believe them in the lies they told him about the
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