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Life Experience, Education, and Volunteer Experience
My decision to seek admission into the graduate social work program was one I have not taken lightly. I am one of the countless individuals who put family and others first to raise my kids and provide for my family. There were several hurdles along the way, the first of many was becoming a single mother, at the age of twenty. My mother was single for the majority of my childhood and was a significant role model throughout my life. She showed me how to love, respect, and appreciate what matters. I worked whatever job I could find to provide the necessities of life for my family but found myself continuing to repeat the same mistakes. Five years and another child, my idea of success was
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We ran away to Vegas and married. Although I informed all my family, nobody showed up, which devastated me. We started our new life off with little to no support, but determined to succeed and prove my family wrong.
Sadly, my husband struggled to hold down a job, due to his alcohol abuse. I felt abandoned as if he was having an affair with “booze”. I covered the majority of this up from my family and protected him fiercely, so much so that even he felt as though I was on his side. Nine years, three kids, a dog and a man who was exactly who he portrayed himself to be, I was done and we divorced. I believed the kids and I were unscathed, but I was so horribly wrong.
At first, I took a year to work on myself, everything from appearance and personality to personal goals. This new way of living appealed to a new group of friends and acquaintances and I was thrilled with the outcome. Two years passed and I started to date again. It was a frightening endeavor and although I took it real casual for a while, I met the man of my dreams. I fell for him quickly and loved him in a way that I did not know was possible. The best part was how much he loved

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