How My First Experience That Changed My Life

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Have you ever experienced something that would change your life forever? On January 1st, 2014 I woke up to find out that the addiction which my mom had battled with for years, had finally defeated her. Her addiction began before I could ever remember, and progressively got worse as time went on. It affected me and my brother in many different ways. I will never forget the day that I woke up to policemen surrounding me in my house and my dad crying, barely being able to stutter what had happened. This was my one experience that would change my life forever. The first experience of seeing the realness of my mom’s addiction was when I was around nine years old. This time, it was alcohol that she was addicted to. My dad, a very loving, forgiving, and selfless man, had finally broken for the first time. My parents had never argued in front of us before the time…show more content…
I was barely awake by the time he sat me down. I instantly knew that something was wrong with his body language. When my eyes had finally adjusted to the light, I saw at least 3 police officers, my pastor and his wife to the right of me, my brother on the couch to the left of me, and my dad right in front of me. He made us put our shoes on before he would tell us what had happened. Right after I had finished tying my shoes, he looked me in the eye and stuttered the words “Your mom is gone”.
I instantly felt my heart drop and started crying. As soon as he had let the words slip, he grabbed me and my brother a just held on to us for a little while. Before we even had the opportunity to calm down a little, the police made my dad take us out of the house and to my aunt’s car which was outside. That was the last time that I was in the same house as my mom. Her addiction had gotten bad enough for her to lose herself to it completely. I knew that my life and family would never be the same
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