How To Write An Essay About An Event That Changed My Life

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I started my life in Janesville, Wisconsin with three loving brothers and a mom and dad that loves their new baby girl. With my strawberry curly hair and blues eye I went on with life and could not wait for tomorrow to go to pre school to see my friends. I would have birthday parties and all my friends would come over to play with my new toys and eat my special homemade cake my mom made. I would sit at my dad's work drawing at the little table next to my mom typing away on the big blocky computer and printing recipes on the old fashioned calculator. I would draw pictures with people that had 5 tongues and 3 eye and saying very funny and funny with some letters written to read through a mirror. I would not be able to see my dad till 10 so that he had got enough coffee to deal with me for the day. I would go up stairs at the plant and start to run around and then get chased by mice that are glued to the sticky trap when I…show more content…
With our family in mourning about something we realized was so real, we decided we should spent every valuable minutes with each other because you never know when you are wanted somewhere else. Shortly after, I quit the basketball team because I wanted to spent more time together with my family, and if I did not like running why was I in basketball a question I still ask today. My brothers still laugh at me and remember the first basketball practice I had I came home crying and said that they made me run. The new free weekends and time we had gave our family a chance to connect. I would end up going to all of my brothers trap meets and getting more chances to hunt with my dad and cousins and hang out. I would tell my family that I would be the next Drew to shoot as good as him they would all roll their eyes and say yeah right we’ll

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