Personal Narrative: My Traditional Life Style

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Ramer, that is how most people get my attention during high school. Have you ever thought that maybe the people you 're with every single day don 't actually really know your true self. I feel I have not showed my fellow peers my true self, I don 't tell all of my classmates every detail about my life. I believe that most of my classmates see me as a normal 17 year old that has a traditional life style, which is not even close to being true. My life is far from being traditional, I do not live with both of my parents, or even see both of them every day, I don 't get that luxury. Sometimes I think they don 't know how lucky they are to be able to go home to both parents and spend almost every day with them. When you don 't have that for yourself…show more content…
Making friends based off of who you really are will get you better friends than trying to act like them or act cool. The people that think they know me could possible get surprised if I would actually open up to them and show them my true self. Although I have stated that I have a deeper side to me, it 's not like my friends don 't know me, there are a select few that do know all of these hidden qualities of myself. Jarrod, he is my best friend and he knows just about everything that happens in my life, I tell him all my problems and I feel I can trust him with anything and everything. I don 't think that having most of the people you see everyday, not know everything about you is not bad or good. Some things within your life are good to keep secret or maybe not necessarily secret, maybe just not talked about a lot. If all of my fellow classmates knew every detail about my life, I feel like I would get made fun of, or look at differently based on my situations I have grown up with. To me, my life seems normal but maybe to the person sitting next to me thinks I have a weird life, it is just based on how you see
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