My Life In My Family

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Growing up, I lived in the same house as my mom and dad. I have two older siblings, who lived with their mom, my sister is fifteen years older than me and my brother is thirteen years older than me. My dad worked at a factory for twenty-two years, he was a supervisor on first shift, the company down-sized and he was let go, when I was in kindergarten. After he was let go, he began working for Lowe’s, where he worked for seventeen years. My mom works at a factory, where she is a janitor in the offices on second shift, she has been at this same job for twenty-eight years. Along with working at the factory, when I was young, my mom also babysat at my house during the day. Because of the shifts that my parents worked, I often spent most of my evenings…show more content…
My parents were very invested in what I brought home from school, whether it be homework, a book, or a graded paper, my parents were always there to help me with the homework, sit down on the couch and read with me, or tell me they were proud of my paper. My mom was extremely involved in my school, she never missed any type of school event the entire time I was in elementary school, and if she knew there was a chance she would not be able to make it, she would make sure someone was there for me. My mom was always one of the head room moms, and when my teacher would need something, my mom was there to take on the responsibility. Once I got older, my parents enrolled me in an after-school program, that had things like tutoring if needed, art classes, dance classes, and visual-media classes. Along with my parents, I also relied a lot on the support of my sister, she has her early childhood degree, so when I was younger, if my parents were not able to help me, I would often ask my sister for help and she was able to provide the support that I needed. Luckily, I went to a great public school, where my teachers were willing to work with their students, so if there were things that I could not understand, I was able to stay after school to get extra support from

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