My Life Lessons

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Life Lessons Life always gives us lessons. Life lessons can either be good or bad, but we all have learned from past experiences. I can say I learned so many lessons throughout my life but one important lesson that I had to learn the hard way was to "Never expect anything from anyone to avoid getting disappointed". It took me a while to actually accept this lesson, but once I accepted the lesson and applied it, the new way of thinking has helped me mentally. We always want to believe other people will change because we think it 's the best for them and maybe even ourselves. I remember always believing that my sister would change and stop doing drugs and even though she would stop for a few days, she would go back to it. One day I just told myself I should stop believing her so easily and let her really prove it to me, but still not expect any changes. We went through a whole roller coaster with her. She had a son and we thought that would make her change from what she went through with my nephew’s dad didn 't make her strong. We expected she would change for him to have a better life. Even though she had her son, she didn 't change. She went to jail two times and that didn 't make her change once again, she got in trouble and this time was extremely bad. This when we really thought she was going to change and not go back to the wrong people and that bad environment. They attempted to kill her, but they failed and ended up cutting her right side of the face. She was with us
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