My Life: My Dream To Be A Football Player

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During my childhood, when I was five to six years old, I started to play football with my brother. It was a hard challenge for me to kick a ball having a short legs and small feet. However, I kept playing football even though I did not know the rules for it. Therefor, I went to a football club where I started to learn the rules how to play and kick the ball straight to the goal. Going to this process of learning the rules and kicking the ball right, football began to be my number one sport and hobby. Later on, when I turned twelve years old, my dream was to be a famous football player like david beckham or ronaldinho and etc. Although, my dream to be a football players has been changed many times. As a teenager, children 's future dreams changes in many different categories, because at this kind of age we really don’t know what makes us happy and what we really like to do.
Let’s say you are given only one day and you must be happy on that day. This may be a silly question to ask, Is there anything you can do that makes you happy? Most people will probably say “they have lots of things to do” but which one of them will really make you happy? It’s hard to decide no matter how many books I read or how hard I think, I couldn’t find the answer. Given that I have yet to reach my success. There is one animation I really want to talk about. Most of you might be familiar by the movie “Cars”. The main character who is the frontrunner, one day, he drives down the highway to

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