My High School Experience

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High school is a time period people look back on with varying degrees of fondness. Due to my involvement in a plethora of activities, I will be one of the people that remembers high school as a glorious time. Band, hockey, golf, football, baseball, honors courses all culminating to become one fantastic experience that I will never forget. As a well-rounded person, I have a wide variety of friends: band nerds, sports jocks, study buddies, and Golden Friends. These friends have all contributed to my phenomenal high school experience.
Tuba, clarinet, french horn--upon hearing those words, my focus instantly snaps to the band room and all of the band nerds it holds. Playing in the band has been an experience I would not give up, and staying in
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School can be tedious, often forcing me to forgo sleep or social activities in order to keep my grade up. What keeps me are my study buddies. Study buddies are the kids I have with me in every class; from eight o’clock in the morning to three o’clock in the afternoon, I spend my weekdays with these diligent young adults, slaving away at seemingly meaningless assignments to improve our knowledge. Constantly fretting and looking over her notes, Sophia Sowada is the embodiment of a study buddy. Sophia and I have schedules that are mirror images of each other, and we often work together on projects and assignments using each other as supports. Without my study buddies, I would not be able to maintain my grades without sacrificing other parts of my life. A choice I would not be able to make on my…show more content…
Often spending countless hours practicing, playing, and studying, the majority of my waking hours are spent with these men. Although our ad nauseam talk of future matchups and past competitions may seem mind-numbing to outsiders, in our opinion, it is of unparalleled importance in order to gain a competitive advantage. Andrew Marod and I are captains of the hockey team together and have grown up competing with each other to become the best athletes we can be. He is always ready to either watch a game or get one of our own going. Andy and my hockey friends have been some of the main influences on my first-class high school career.
Everyone has a best friend. Some people only have one while others have countless. These Golden Friends are the people who hold all the aspects of my other friends. They are the first person I tell news, positive or negative, and come to me with problems of their own. A prime example of a Golden Friend in my life is Grace Schulte. She has bailed me out of countless predicaments without asking much in return. Although these Golden Friends are difficult to come by, everyone should have one they can turn
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