My Life On Ice: Jordin Tootoo

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ALL THE WAY; My Life on Ice “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” (Albert Einstein). Jordin Tootoo is recognized nationwide as an idol due to his perseverance through all of the of the horrible and difficult circumstances that he was faced with. Tootoo’s challenges are a great example of the quote by Albert Einstein, this is because he continues to find the opportunity in difficult situations that he is faced with. When his brother tragically passed, Jordin was thrown into a traumatizing situation that largely affected his life. Due to his brother’s passing, Tootoo started abusing alcohol, which ultimately led him through a dark path which he overcame by participating in the Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program. During Jordin’s life, it was clear that he was struggling to discover who he truly was because of all the challenges that he had to face. He was able to persevere through the darkness that was…show more content…
Despite these tough circumstances, Tootoo became the first ever Inuk to play in the NHL. One of the challenges that impacted Jordin the most was the loss of one of his best friends, his brother Terence. Tootoo’s journey to overcome challenges such as a brother’s death, alcoholism, and self-discovery, demonstrated how he was able to seize the opportunities and overcome his challenges. Jordin’s brother’s death played a significant role in his life as it left him damaged and emotionally unstable, which ultimately led to his abuse of alcohol. Terence
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