My Life

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Life is never too easy and never to hard.
The best experience that transformed me to the person that I 'm now. It’s all the hard times that I went thro, life It’s never easy it throws so many obstacles at you. I was born in morocco the most beautiful place. I love it so much, I lived with all my family It’s a culture thing is a long story. but I didn 't need any friends. My family was right there I was never lonely I use to wish for free time to myself.. One day my dad get a job is the United States we have to move. It was so different it was nothing like Morocco, I have to learn a new language is was hard.
I did not have any friends or someone to talk to. My parents they worked all the time. they were never home they work so hard for us. I have two brothers my younger brother was three years old and my other brother was nine years old. everything change for them, But we all like it we didn 't have to take about what we eating no more. In morocco we didn’t know if my dad made any money he used to leave the house early morning to go to work but sometime his bass didn 't pay him mosh sometimes my dad work all day for him and only give him two dollar something nothing that not going to feed us but my mom all was mangte to feed us good she so strange. she work hard to keep some food for use she cooked every day, The kitchen was hir favorite spot of the house. My dad side of the family live in the same house they use to get mad at her because she loves
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